The Thursday group meets weekly (usually) from 8.00pm to 9.30pm. Like the other groups, it comprises folk of different ages and stages in terms of personal background, church experience and faith journey. When we meet our emphasis is on community so we keep in touch with each other’s daily walk, joys, struggles and hopes.  Inevitably this takes us to apply what the Bible has to say in real and tangible terms that are relevant to our experiences.  As a result, we will also bring our discussions to a conclusion by praying together.  Sometimes we use video clips; discussion points following on from the previous Sunday’s sermon; book excerpts; a relevant Bible passage; or we just let the discussion emerge from us sharing our circumstances.  We have also attended a local quiz night and are thinking about ways we can get out and about to serve the local community.  Our aim is to be real, honest and open to each other and to God.  If you want to come along, speak to Heather, Kris, Nick or Dugald in church on Sundays.