Tuesday’s home group has been meeting weekly at 7:30pm for almost two years.  We’ve been enjoying getting to know each other, sharing our faith, exploring questions and life events together.  We’ve topped off our evenings with prayer and have seen some amazing answers!  We started with a series on the Gifts of the Spirit, which is what we’d been looking at as a church, (and discovered an interesting mix of gifts in our group).  We still plug in to Sunday’s sermon themes. We’ve also discussed a book on discipleship, and some topical studies (one on the resurrection and another on the story of Abraham and Isaac) and watch some faith-related films together.  We mix it up every few weeks and share a meal or play some games so that our times together have a richness that isn't solely focused on learning. Home group feels like a real anchor in the week, where we can be open and honest with each other, and encourage one another in our love for God and for others.  If you think you would like to join us one evening then please speak to Sam or Jo at church on Sundays ~ just ask someone to point them out.