We are currently in the process of re-articulating our vision and values.

It will be in complete continuity with the church’s history of proclaiming Good News to the people of Portobello and Edinburgh. We are committed to joining with God in His mission in this world and creatively expressing the love God found in Jesus.



Portobello Baptist Church was established in 1897 and met in various premises until it purchased its current building ~ the old town hall in 1919.

The church was established with a passion for mission and took great risk and sacrifice to see the congregation emerge. Over 20 years the church moved a number of times before purchasing the old town hall in 1919.

Over 120 years the church has had many leaders, different visions, it has been through ups and downs. However through it all, the church has continued to serve Portobello as well as having a vision for the wider mission of the church. The people of this congregation have planted churches, served overseas, pioneered charities and served their community well.

The torch has now been handed to today’s generation to continue the faithful witness and explore again what God is doing in Portobello and how he would have us serve his mission in this place.

We are members of the Baptist Union of Scotland.